Back to basics - GRAMMAR


+ Introduction
+ Articles

These are the simplest of all the parts of speech, and there are only three:

a   known as indefinite articlesa
the   known as the definite article
+ Nouns

Nouns are the names of persons, places, things or feelings. These are all nouns:

boy, city, shoe, teacher, car, house, tree, dinner, playground, Australia, happiness, crowd
+ Pronouns

Pronouns are words which stand in place of a noun or nouns.

+ Verbs

Nearly all sentences contain verbs; sometimes it is even said that 'it isn't a sentence if it hasn't a verb'. Verbs are the action words or doing words in a sentence.

+ Adjectives

The word adjective means 'added to' or 'joined to', and refers to words that are added to nouns or pronouns, and therefore describe them. It is sometimes said that an adjective 'qualifies' a noun.

+ Adverbs

Just as adjectives add to nouns, adverbs 'add to' verbs, another adverb or an adjective and are said to 'modify' them.

+ Prepositions

The word preposition means 'a word placed in front of' or 'a word placed before'. Mostly, prepositions are placed in front of nouns and show:

  1. The position of things relative to each other. or
  2. The direction of things relative to each other. or
  3. Possession.
+ Conjunctions

The word conjunction means 'to join together'. Conjunctions are the cement which joins the parts of a sentence together.

+ Exclamations

These usually stand by themselves or appear at the beginning of a sentence. Sometimes they are called 'interjections'.

+ Construction

BACK TO BASICS is a series of books in matching format, designed to provide the essential foundations for the study of a range of subjects. The books are deliberately not graded, and therefore may be used at any level - at the time a subject is being introduced, during a period of reinforcement, or for remedial work. They may also be used either in the classroom or at home.

This book, GRAMMAR, provides a summary of the main parts of speech used in the teaching of language arts at the Primary and Secondary levels. Examples are given, and the parts of speech are illustrated in simple sentences. There is also a section on elementary sentence construction.

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